Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taco Pizza

Given that Matt loves anything with cilantro(meaning mexican-ish), and we both are liking black beans more and more, I knew we had to try the taco pizza featured on The Pioneer Woman's blog the other day.

This was a super easy to make recipe. I think most pizzas are. And I cheat a little buy NOT making my own crust. I know homemade tastes much better. I KNOW. I've had both. But I don't plan far enough ahead to give it time to rise and stuff. I need the dough ready NOW because I want to eat in 30 min. So Pillsbury dough it is!

As with all tacos and pizza, you can easily change/add/subtract any ingredients to your taste. I mostly followed the recipe as is, BUT..

I didn't:
-make my own dough
-fry corn tortillas
-add hot sauce to the sour cream

I think my pizza looked even prettier. It was in a round pan, and had less lettuce/cilantro/tomatoes covering it(like you could still see some cheese showing). And I had more sour cream(it needed it, because beans aren't as moist as tomato sauce). But it's ok: I use fat free.

*A little tip about adding the sour cream:
The Pioneer Woman uses a pastry bag(which I don't have and wouldn't want to waste anyway). I used a snack sized zip-lock bag. I reinforced the corner with masking tape before adding sour cream and snipping the end off. If you don't reinforce, the seam could bust open and you'd have a pile of sour cream in the middle of your pizza. I know from experience from working with melted chocolate.

The verdict was: we loved it!

The recipe: click here

I didn't really follow a recipe. I just followed the pictures. Just don't add a whole packet of taco seasoning when you spice up the beans. That's too much! I used my own spices and added a generous shake of cumin/red pepper/garlic powder/onion powder.

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