Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Insulation and Drywall Start

First, let me apologize tremendously for the terrible cell phone pictures. They make me cringe. And if Matt had had a chance to go look at the insulation himself, I wouldn't have even bothered taking any. You see, I did something unforgivable. I went to the house to have a meeting with our contractor and check on the work and I....forgot my camera!

That's a big deal for me. I take it almost everywhere, and certainly every time I go to our land. You never know if there will be something that you need to photograph. Even out in the wild. You might see some crazy plant or wild animal(there is actually a post featuring some crazy plants, but I haven't written it yet). You just never know. So I always bring it. I can't believe I forgot it this time.

They started insulation one morning and by the end of the day, it was done. Super fast!

(garage ceiling/bathroom)

Let's back up a few days.

I scheduled the inspection of our frame, rough electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. (you can see those photos in this post here) Everything passed except the frame. One minor problem. So the day the insulation crew came out, our contractor came out to make that one small repair.

(living room)

Now we're back up to speed. The insulation was done and it was time to call in the inspection for that and again for the frame. This time they both passed!


The drywall crew is scheduled to start hanging drywall TODAY and will take about a week to finish. Our contractor(more accurately called "construction manager"), Mike, and I met at the house this morning to go over the style trim I wanted and some other details(more on that later).

(2nd bedroom)

I snapped these few photos of the insulation, so I would at least have some photographic documentation.


Once the drywall is done, it will be time to install the doors and trim. Then install the cabinets, then paint. I think I got that right. Simultaneously, I can install the tile in the bathroom, have our deck rails built, and our septic system done.

We are moving right along and shelling out all kinds of money, but at least we'll get it done and get moved.

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