Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brand Family Shoot

A while back(over spring break), I had the pleasure and challenge of taking portraits of the Brand Family(friends from church) with twin toddlers! Never have I been more thankful for "continuous shoot" mode on my camera. Anyone who's tried to take a picture of a toddler(let alone, more than one) knows they NEVER hold still.

I took over 500 pictures and got maybe 30 shots with both kids looking towards the camera. It made for a great learning experience. Their little faces and hands were all over the place. The little girl, Bekah, was trying SO hard to sit still and smile pretty. And Billy, well, boys will be boys. All in all, they were very patient during the 1 hr+ photo shoot, at a local playground.

Aside from the moving subjects, there are many things I still need to learn. First of all, my LCD display was too dark, causing me to overexpose the pictures. I've figured out how to adjust that setting. The pictures needed lots of editing to fix the exposure. We were also under large trees which cast a blue tinge on the skin tone that had to be warmed up.

Here are some of my favorites. I saved the best for last. I love their blue eyes and Bekah's precious curls!

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