Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are you serious? The drywall is done already?

Two days later and the drywall is basically done. There a few other things they have to do to it(like sand it). I can't believe they work that fast. No wonder they can charge thousands of dollars for labor.

Matt and I went over late the day they started hanging the drywall(Tuesday). It was already dark outside, but we were dying to have a look around(by flashlight). It's actually quite spooky to me, to walk around a half built house in the pitch black darkness. We were shocked at how much they had hung that day when they didn't start until after lunch. The ceiling downstairs(garage), the ceilings upstairs, and most of the walls, were already hung. It was also a total mess all over the floors! Cut scraps of drywall and dust and mud buckets everywhere. We had to be careful where we walked. The sound of the house is also a HUGE difference. No longer do our voices echo through the whole house. No longer does the sound of feet vibrate everywhere.

Obviously, we have no pictures from that night. There are no lights and we had a mini flashlight. And no camera. So we came back the following evening before dark(also our 3 year anniversary). MAN! What a difference!

As we walked around our house that now has walls, it was so surreal to see actual walls. It is turning into a REAL house. All the drywall was hung, and all the seams and mudding were done(and still very wet as we found out. whoops). We took Lucy with us, but we made her stay outside for fear her tail would mess up the wet mud.

First the garage. Code only requires drywall(a firewall) on the ceiling to protect the living space. We'll add plywood to the walls after we move in.

Going upstairs. We'll add a weather proof outdoor siding to the stairwell(not drywall) soon.

Tada! The living room:



Bathroom(vanity side and shower side). The green walls are water resistant drywall.

Laundry closet:

Master bedroom:

Master closet:

Other half of master bedroom facing the 2nd bedroom:

2nd bedroom:

"Attic" space(accessible from 2nd bedroom):

2nd bedroom facing out:

Hallway facing back to living room:

Next up: Interior doors, door and window trim.

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