Monday, November 16, 2009

Garage/Apartment Plans


  1. I think your idea to build a garage apartment first is an AWESOME idea! I had often dreamed of that too! I am an interior designer have always wanted to design my own home...starting with the garage :). I think ya'll are being very wise doing this in phases.

    I am doing a design giveaway on my blog this Friday. Check it out!

    (I found your blog by a post you put on YHL)


  2. i love the apartment/garage drawing and the patio and fireplace!

  3. This is exactly what I need to build on my 14 acres in Naples. My wife and I are planing to build a nice 1,500sq.ft. log cabin with a sizable loft area for guest bedroom,bath,and attic for storage space. But first we built a large 120sq.ft. shed with a loft storage area and windows with shutters. And after a long talk with neighbors,building inspector,and local contractors(for road,logging and some construction,etc.,We knew(this apartment over garage idea)was the way to go. I'm going to show her your plans(Matt and Allison)and hope she loves them as much as me.If so we may be e-mailing you two soon. Thanks so very much for having this site to view them on. I hope your all living a wonderful life in your new place.It really looks wonderful.Thanks again,Mark DeAnzullo Eaglespirits.



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