About Me

Hi blog readers!  My name is Allison.  My husband Matt and I live in North Carolina.  We have a heavily wooded parcel of 18 acres onto which we built our own house, doing lots of the finishing work ourselves.  To clarify, what we built is actually a garage/apartment.  Our plan is to build a full-sized house attached to the garage/apartment down the road.  I love decorating and find it a fun new challenge to do it with a very small budget.  I love cooking new things and am trying to cook more natural and more homemade foods (it's a slow transition).  I am also a photography lover and enjoy learning more about it in my spare time.  This blog is not just a DIY blog, or a construction blog, or a family life blog.  It's all of the above.  Anything I feel like blogging about, I will.  My home, my family,  my faith, and myself are all a work in progress.


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