Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Housewarming Party

After 5 months of living here and chugging away at our EXTENSIVE "to do" list, Matt and I finally feel 
settled in our new home.  That meant before summer gets into full swing, it was time to have a party.  
We invited local friends and family and had a pot-luck cookout.  

Setting a deadline (May 5th) of a party, really lit a fire under us.  Matt's "to do" list had over 30 items on it. He really pushed it to the limit to get everything done in time.  We prioritized and had to eliminate a few times that no body but us would notice.

Here is one of our new semi-permanant sitting areas next to the house (between the house and the fire pit).

Matt found the giant rock somewhere in the woods and made a seat out of it.  Right before the guests arrived, I added a bench and some flowers.

My parents drove down early that day to help me set up.  They also brought their new little fur baby for us to meet and to play with our little fur baby.

Our families sitting around waiting for the party to start.

Details shot.

Fifty people came and went (not all at the same time).  Everytime I took a group up to give a tour, someone new would show up and it would start all over.  It was great to have all our friends over (most of whom hadn't seen the house yet), but I was so busy, I didn't get to talk to anyone (other than giving tours).

We were really blessed that the storms that were predicted to hit us all day long, missed us entirely!  That would have been disastrous since the entire party was outside.  We certainly can't hold 50 people in an 800 sq ft house.

Our generous friends also gave us lots of plants for the yard and Lowes gift cards.  I'm still working on getting them in the ground.  I'm about half way done.  Not pictured are a few Weeping Cherry Tree saplings that our neighbor grew and a Norfolk Island Pine (which is an interesting looking house plant) from my grandma.

Hopefully this will be the first of many gatherings and party to take place at our new home!


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