Monday, October 31, 2011

Fire Ring

In preparation of tilling and seeding the yard, we had to move our fire ring to it's new location. The old fire ring was located just feet from the driveway (because the driveway wasn't always there). Matt already had a spot that he flattened out. We just threw all the rocks and wood into the skid steer for easy transport.

Isn't this bench awesome?

This is such an upgrade from our former fire ring:

It's looking even sadder because it's raining in this photo. We actually usually have white plastic chairs around, but they were already moved.

The old location is the red ring. The new location is set further back.

We've already taken it for a test run when my mom was in town. We'll be using this a lot this winter since we won't have an indoor fireplace anymore (sad face).

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