Monday, November 7, 2011

We Finally Have a Yard!

For four years, we've been cutting down trees, dragging trees around, digging in the dirt, moving dirt, packing dirt, walking through mud, and cleaning mud off our shoes.


Well, of course there will be more, but not like it has been.

We finally planted grass. In a perfect world we would have been able to afford Kentucky grass seed and organic fertilizer and all of that. But considering that we are seeding over an acre of grass, it just wasn't possible this year with trying to finish the house and all.

It was going to be $700-800 for everything and we were supposed to water it every other day until it germinated. That's kinda a problem for us. Not only do we not live there, it would take two days to get it all watered. I wasn't willing to risk loosing an $800 investment because we weren't there to water it.

So we decided to plan rye grass, which is usually used as a winter grass and dies out in the summer heat. It's cheap ($200 for seed and fertilizer), so if we couldn't water it and none of it came up, it's no big loss. The main purpose of planting grass this year was to help control the mud around the house this winter.

Matt tilled up ALL the dirt. This would take literally forever with a regular tiller. We have an attachment for our tractor that tills dirt. It was probably some purchase that Matt talked me into driving with him to get off of Craigslist. Matt's parents also have a tractor will a rake attachment. So Matt and his dad spent the day prepping the dirt for seed.

You can see we were in the mid process of getting more gravel for our driveway. When the tilling was done, Matt's mom and I spread the fertilizer and seed. Then we spread hay. Everyone said we needed hay to keep the birds from eating the seed. I gotta say, this was a complete waste of time. It took way longer than spreading the seed and the 15 bails we filled the truck with didn't even get us half way.

So, when we ran out, we just left it as is, and it was fine. We actually don't have hardly any birds. Maybe they'll come after we plant more stuff and add things like bird feeders and stuff.

We only had time to do the yard inside the circle the first weekend, so that seed had a two week head start. The first seed went out Oct. 1.

Here it is Oct. 15.

And with tire tracks from some unknown person. I'd really like to know who you are!!!

And here it is Nov. 6th.

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