Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Upper Cabinet Install

We had to get the upper cabinets up before the HVAC guys came back to finish. It was their job to install the microwave and microwave vent.

We started with the corner cabinet.

Then, we needed to hack up a cabinet to make it fit in the space we had. Since we got these cabinets 3 years ago at a liquidation sale for about 90% off retail, we weren't really shy about changing them up for our needs (like slapping on a coat of white paint!) This 24 inch cabinet needed to cut down to 16 inches. And we needed to reuse the door to keep it matching the others. That middle section of the door is being removed.

Nearly done! Now all we need to do is attach the other piece of the door and fill it with wood filler. Hopefully the seam will be mostly hidden once I paint them.

The cabinet on the left was perfect as is. We didn't have an over the microwave cabinet, so we used a tall cabinet with glass front doors (no glass in them). Since it was the perfect width, Matt shortened it to fit. We can't use the glass front doors there anyway because of the ugly microwave vent inside the cabinet.

We'll make our own doors to conceal the contents of the cabinet. And since it's over the microwave, it's probably the only place we could get away with having non-matching doors. I'm thinking about making it look like it intentionally doesn't match, instead of trying to replicate the look of the other doors (which we can't do exactly). Maybe some bead board fronts! We already have the bead board in the garage.


  1. Thanks so much for posting your link on Young House Love. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your countertops and now plan to go back to the beginning.

  2. Thanks so much for reading! It's good to hear from a reader.

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