Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Moved!!

I've been holding out on you guys. Last week was a whirlwind of events. Monday we thought it'd be weeks before we solved this garage door issue (read about that here and here). Tuesday the garage door issue was taken care of. Wednesday we passed inspections. Thursday our power got turned on. And Saturday? Well...Saturday we moved! And I had no idea it was coming.

I have a part-time job that usually has me working 3 days a week. Monday and Tuesday were my days off, so I was working Wed, Thurs, Fri all day. On my last day off, we didn't know we'd be moving that weekend, so I had nothing ready!

My parents were planning on coming down Saturday anyway. They planned it weeks ago and the idea was to just move the stuff we wouldn't be needing over the next month (extra furniture and some boxes). We only had until 5pm because we had church obligations that we signed up for months ago and people were counting on us to be there.

In my mind, since I'd been working and Matt had been working, and we had no heads up about actually being allowed to move last weekend, I never actually considered moving everything. Obviously, we can't move if we aren't packed. And if we aren't packed, then we certainly can't start sleeping living there on the first day, especially since we had to stop at 5pm. In my mind, this would take a week and probably two weekends to get our stuff over there.

In Matt's mind, we would pack up everything and move it in and start living there all in one day. Only he didn't tell me this until Friday 30 minutes before I left for work. So we had to have a fight about that. I am way too much of a control freak to let other people pack my stuff up. I need to know where everything is and how it's organized so that I can find it later when I'm searching through boxes.

Plus, Matt has the track record of underestimating the amount of time a project takes. I've learned to multiply his estimate by 3 and that's the actual amount of time something will take. Example: "I'm going to the shop to _________. It's should only take an hour, if all goes well." When does anything "all go well"???

I was trying to be the rational, realistic one and explain to him that we can't move all our stuff in one day! Does he even know how much stuff we have?? I have more stuff than any woman I know my age. He has more stuff than any man his age. And our square footage just got cut in half.

Saturday came and all four of our parents came over to help pack and load stuff. The men loaded furniture into the covered trailer that Matt's parents own. The women wrapped dishes and other kitchen stuff into boxes.

The men went ahead and took the furniture over and started moving it into the house. When I got there I saw this:

So crazy to see a living room finally here!!

After unloaded the boxes from the cars, we stopped for lunch.

After seeing our living room set up here, I started getting really excited. I told Matt to go get our bed and dressers so we could sleep here.

Again, we had to stop working around 4:30-5 so we could get ready to go work a youth Christmas party (they were feeding and entertaining 130 middle/high schoolers so they really needed every adult they could get!).

Although rushed, it was really exciting to take a shower in the shower we tiled for the first time.

I'm not even going to show you the tub right now. The dust and blobs of grout never got cleaned out since we just got the power/well pump turned on two days before we moved. It's nasty looking!

I did get pictures of the house when we got home at 10pm. So this is how it looked at the end of the moving day (Dec. 10)

The next time you see it, it should look a lot different (unless you are coming by in person in the near future. Then, I can't promise anything)

We still have to build shelves in all the closets before we can unpack anything. So far, there is nothing in our master closet. We're getting by on just the few accessible clothes. And that 14 ft enclosed trailer? It's full of stuff and will stay that way a while.

So, I guess both Matt and I were right (Matt was probably more right). We did start living there that day, but we did NOT get all our stuff moved! We probably got 70% of it. There were two more trailer loads left that we had to come back and get this week.

P.S. Lucy absolutely loves our new shag rug.

My precious!!


  1. Ahh moving mayhem, I don't miss that. Congratulations though! It'll be real sweet to have your first Christmas there amongst the madness.

  2. Thanks! Yes, it will be mayhem for a while. And without a mantel, I have no where to display my Christmas decorations. Oh well. Our little tree will have to do this year. We're so excited to be here!

  3. Never commented on here, but i've been reading this blog since you posted about your countertops in a comment on younghouselove. The place looks great!

  4. yay!!! i'm so happy for you!!!! it looks amazing! :D

  5. Thanks everyone! I will definitely keep you guys updated as I make the house more "me" - starting with slipcovers!



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