Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let There Be Light!

As I said earlier, we passed our final inspection last Wednesday (Dec. 7th), and the order was put in to turn our power on. Thursday we got word that that had happened. Matt called me at work and asked me to meet him at the house that evening for a "turning on the lights" celebration.

We weren't sure how dramatic it would be or if they would come on at all.

As shown in this video, it didn't really go as planned.

The garage lights wouldn't come on at all, but the flood lights did. Matt fidgeted with it for a while to make sure all the ground-fault outlet were turned on. They were.

Not really caring about the lights in "man's land", I gave up pretty quit on that project and wanted to go upstairs!

Let's try this video reveal again.

Now for the tour:

In addition to the garage lights not working, there were several other issues. In several places we found either a switch that didn't work, or a light that didn't have a working switch to it, or a light that was supposed to have two switches to it but they aren't communicating properly.

Thankfully, the electrician came out the next day to fix everything. This company is very good and this does not reflect their normal quality of work. We know people who can vouch for their work. The guy that came out was very embarrassed. He worked on our switches for 4 hours and then had to go. This involved removing all the problem switches and testing the wire to see what the problem was. It's not hard work, just slow and tedious. He didn't have time to finish and we also need more time to live with it so we can find all the problems so they only have to come back once.

Check back soon for even more exciting updates!


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