Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving the Kitchen Cabinets

Now that the drywall is done in our house, we had permission to move the kitchen cabinets out of our living room(where they have lived for the past year) and into the new house. Sunday, Matt borrowed a trailer from his parents and Matt and I(yes, just the two of us) loaded the cabinets into the trailer AND carried them upstairs into the new house.

For those of you who would have liked to see me moving these babies up the stairs, sorry, I didn't have any other hands. I'm not that talented. But it was HARD work. The bathroom vanity isn't shown, but it is the largest and heaviest to move.

Also going on: We've had several deliveries.

-On the back wall with the swirly pattern, is the bead board plywood for the deck/porch ceiling.
-On the back left is leftover drywall and a box of window screens.
-The middle is leftover concrete and misc. tools of ours.
-On the floor near my feet is hardiboard siding for the stairwell.
-The long boards near the toolbox are the baseboards(there is actually a whole other stack, not pictured, of window and door trim)

Matt and I worked Saturday on some random stuff like patching the garage bathroom floor around the pipes:

It's not very professional looking, but it will do. It will lighten up once it's completely dried. I'll probably end up painting the floor anyway, so it will blend in.

Then we stayed late to burn stuff. We didn't have enough time to cut up and burn all the trees we needed to. Lucy has done great hanging out loose at the land. She only explores the opened area(has yet to go off into the woods), and comes back to the house regularly. But once it got to be dusk and Matt cranked up the chainsaw and started throwing stuff onto the big fire, we wanted to make sure Lucy didn't run off. We had some rope laying around and some carabiners. I cut it to about 40 ft so she could still walk around and looped it around a tree. She stayed safe and out of the way.

This was once a fire-pit. Now it's a jungle. We haven't had a fire all season and it's totally grown up. In the background the weeds some weeds that are over my head. Not to worry. There is still a ring of rocks around the fire, and the grass was very lush and wet. It really couldn't catch on fire. That would be impressive.

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