Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walmart and I Are Friends Again

For my birthday, one of the things I picked out were these shoes from Lands End Canvas.

I knew it was a risk when they were ordered, because of my narrow feet. The straps might be too big and aren't very adjustable. So when I put them on, sure enough, the straps were way too loose. My heel could move all over the place, AND the piece between the toe hurt just to walk across the room. I can't imagine how it would feel after wearing them for a few hours. They had to be sent back. Too much money for uncomfortable shoes.

When it comes to shoes, I am ALL about comfort. I don't ever wear heels. And I usually buy shoes infrequently enough to pay for good quality shoes, so comfort is never an issue. I love my Merrells and my Rainbows, and also my NAOTs. And that's pretty much all I wear.

Then, when I was doing my usual shopping at Walmart, I stopped by the shoe section. I found these sandals for $10.

They also come in black. And believe it or not, they are way more comfortable than the $70 Lands End shoes. So...I got a pair.

And I found this new line of shoes called Earth Spirit for around $20, that are made from real leather and very well made. Unfortunately, most of the styles are not too nice looking for me personally. There was only one I kinda liked. The Magnolia shoe:

It seriously felt like a $100 shoe. For 20 bucks!! I didn't get it because it wasn't the style I was looking for and I have some kinda similar already, but HOLY COW, I didn't know Walmart had shoes like this!

A few months ago I got these, for $12, and while they are cheap as crap feeling, they are still comfortable. No support, but comfortable. I got them in black.

I used to be anti-Walmart when it came to clothing and shoes, but over the past year, I have found some of my favorite tops there. I love telling people it came from Walmart when I get compliments on them. They are always in disbelief. I'm a total Walmart convert. Sure, Target has really cute clothes, and it's easy to find something cute there, but where is the challenge in that? And Walmart is cheaper! So I guess what I'm saying is, give Walmart a chance. They CAN be an option when shopping for cute affordable clothes.

Walmart and Goodwill. That's where it's at.

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