Friday, February 4, 2011

House Update: A Roof

We had to wait two week for ice and rain to clean up, but the roofers were finally able to put our roof on, so it's totally weather proof now. We are almost officially "dried in". If you don't know what that means, basically it just means you would stay dry in the house during a hurricane(no weather coming in or damaging the house).

The only thing that hasn't been done is our garage door. We bought it a year ago off of craigslist. The style we got is the faux carriage door(white with fake black hinges on the sides). They normally retail for over $1000. We got ours for $400. It's been sitting under a tarp on the ground for a year, so I hope it's still ok. Know anyone who installs garage doors? The electric kind? We'll have to install insulation panel on the inside of the door, especially since it's right under our living area. We want to keep the cold out as much as possible.

There is one little mistake we have to correct. Matt and I had a mis-communication about the kitchen window. I had discussed at length with the framer what window sizes I wanted and I thought Matt was around for part of that(maybe he was and he forgot. We really don't know). Point is, we(as the contractors) were ordering the windows ourselves, and Matt didn't know I wanted the single kitchen window to be wider than the other(since there was only one). All our windows are 32 in. wide and the kitchen sink window was supposed to be 36 in. The 32 in. looks SOOO tiny and narrow. I just can't see standing at the sink washing dishes looking out that tiny thing. It's also the only window on the back wall, so it feels really closed in.

After we analyzed it, we decided that if we were going to go to the trouble to change it and reframe the window opening and cut out some siding for just 4 more inches...why not make it even wider? Whatever is the next size up. Either 40, 42, or 44 in. I think we'll be really glad we did it in the long run. I just didn't want to lose cabinet space with a double window(which would be two 32 in. windows). We haven't done anything yet. Maybe our framer will do it for us. He still has to come back to finish a few things. The downstairs bathroom needs to be framed in and the pocket door walls separating the bedrooms need to be framed as well. We keep trying to schedule a walk-through to discuss these things with our framer, but all of our schedules keep getting in the way. He's working on other jobs far away, so it's hard to get over to Stanley. I can't wait until we move on to the next step.


  1. It looks so finished and pretty! The larger window will make such a difference while working in the kitchen. What direction does the house face?


  2. Southeast, so the kitchen is on the dark north side. Just worked out that the big window faces the light.

  3. Looks like it is coming close to how you envisioned it to be. I bet you were thrilled to get it done. How is it now? I assumed you’ve been settled for a year or two by now. I hope the house is still in great condition despite the harsh storms that have passed. Take care!

    Gretchen Holloway @ America’s Choice Roofing



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