Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goodwill Finds

I think my neighborhood Goodwill knows me by name. Or at least one or two of the employees. I used to go almost weekly. But I'm really trying to cut back. Or I'll run out of room at my house.

A lot of people are anti-Goodwill because of the stigma attached to it. I used to be that way. The Goodwill I used to live near was junky and trashy and old. It was pretty difficult to find treasures there. When picking a Goodwill to shop at, think about the surrounding area. The "feeder neighborhoods" as I like to call it. Those are the people who are donating the stuff. Fancy area= fancy stuff. I don't live in a fancy area, but there are enough fancy developments near the lake that feed this Goodwill(at least I think so. This is a total hypothesis.)

Most of the stuff I own falls into one of these tree categories: hand-me-down(mostly furniture), wedding present, thrift store/2nd hand find. I don't shop at retail very often. It's just so darn expensive. And I like to tell myself that it's the "green" thing to do(which it is), but my main motivation is money and the fun of it. I love thrifting! My mom and I go thrifting everywhere we go. My friends and I go thrifting everywhere we go(although I'm usually the only one who buys stuff because we are all poor and I have no self control). Pretty much, if you don't like thrifting, we can't be friends. It's that important. Also, did you know thrifting is not a word? My spell check has underlined it like 6 times. It really should be a word. Someone call Webster.

On to the good stuff!

This is what I got yesterday:

Bowl from Crate and Barrel: $1

6 off white dinner plates: $.50 each
I think it would be neat to have a variety of patterned plates all in the same color(to tie them together). And it's easy to find odd dishes at thrift stores. You can go wrong with 6 for $3 plates!

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