Friday, August 12, 2011

The O-M-G Salad

Has anyone else tried this salad?

It's the Southwest Salad from McDonald's. I think fate brought me to this salad. It was the 4th of July(a Monday), and we had just gotten back into town from vacation. So, of course, we were looking for some quick dinner. We headed to Chick-Fil-A for a nugget meal and a chicken strip salad with berry balsamic dressing(yum). cars in the parking lot. That's what they call a clue.

Sure enough, they were closed.

McDonald's was right next door. I NEVER go to McDonald's(no offense to those who do). I decided to give it a shot and see what salads they had. The place was empty since it was a holiday. I asked the cashier girl if the southwest salad on the menu was any good, since there was no picture to go by. I'll never forget her response: "Gasp! O-M-G!! That salad is sooo good!" Yes, she spelled it out slow like that.


My life has forever changed.

I can't get enough McDonald's these days. I think I've at least 5 since then, and that's a whole lot of eating out for me. This salad is probably kinda on the DL since most of us don't associate golden arches with tasty healthy salads. They pretty much get the bad rap and are made out to be the "worst" fast food chain out there.

I challenge you to go try this salad. It has your choice of grilled or crispy chicken(please don't get crispy. that's bad for you), roasted corn and black beans, chili-lime tortilla strips, cheese, and maybe some other stuff, and a wedge of lime. It comes with Newman's Own Southwest dressing. This salad has just the right amount of spice to it that isn't overwhelming at all! (not like those spicy fried chicken sandwich/salads that I can't eat)

It's even featured in a Cooking Light article about fast food survival guide.

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