Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lucy In the Creek! (and the flooded creek)

Last Sunday we had nothing to do(very rare), or rather, we didn't have enough time to ACTUALLY do any serious work. So, Matt and I took Lucy to the creek for the first time. Well, to tell the truth, she actually went once before for about 5 min, but we didn't have the camera, so it doesn't count, right?

We made her go swimming once before in an actual lake. She was not a fan. She's a shepherd/terrier(?) mix so we didn't expect much.

But what dog doesn't like a good creek???

In short, she had a ball. Lucy is going to LOVE living here.

6 days later, that tree looked like this:

The following Friday, our area got hit with a huge thunderstorm. We got several inches of rain in a matter of hours. Parts of the city flooded and it goes without saying that they are not supposed to flood.

CREEKS, however, are supposed to flood. The run off from the town dumps into a creek, which runs into our creek, which runs into something else. Every time we have a big rain, the terrain of the creek bed changes drastically. The sand bars move, or entirely disappear. Trees that are laying across the creek get swept away. Living trees on the bank fall into the creek creating new blockages. And trash floats down stream, landing on our banks. A little bit erodes each time.

So, right after the storm passed, and Matt got off work, we went to check it out.

The water had already dropped some. As you can see, the water had been out of the banks of the creek.

When we arrived, it was still quite high. We walked around an down past our property line, onto the neighbors side to see where two creeks run into each other. The water was actually moving pretty fast. If Lucy had fallen/jumped in, she would have been gone in a second, down the river(Matt would have jumped in after her). Luckily, she wasn't that interested. Just sniffed it a little before we called her off.

I think she had fun anyway.

We think she might have a low energy problem.

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