Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well, I know it's been a while since you've had a construction update. Because there hasn't been anything to update about. Until now. Last week, David the framer finished the few things he had to come back for. Our job ran into another job David had on his schedule, so he had to leave it unfinished. He came back to frame these things:

-garage bathroom

-2nd bedroom wall

-kitchen pantry

-replace kitchen window
It's 4 inches wider, which all went to one side, so now the window is off center on the house, but centered over the sink(Nice run-on sentence. I know). I was pleased at how unnoticeable it looked, but Matt was surprised at HOW noticeable it looked.

David also had to:
-enlarge exterior door frame to pass egress(fire code)
-tack down siding on wall common to garage and deck(then you closed the door the siding would bang around)

But that's not the only update!

Yesterday our subcontractors started work. We've got the electrician, plumber, and HVAC guys out there working for the next few weeks. I stopped by yesterday to see them work and ask questions/answer questions. We've hired a construction manager(and family friend), Mike Hatley, to help us do the work. He's kinda taken over our job(except for the picking out stuff) and handled lining up the subs and he knows all the little details that we don't know about. He's also not working right now, so he has the time and knowledge. I have time, but no knowledge. Matt has neither(at least about construction).

There is one complication with the county that I hope resolves itself soon. We were supposed to have the house wrap inspected before the siding went up. They have to inspect the nail pattern and see how the windows were installed.

I met the inspector at the house and he showed me what section(a small 4x4ft section next to the side window) of siding needs to be removed so he can inspect it. If it passes, we can put it back up. If it fails, we have to remove ALL the siding and have it redone.

The next inspection that is due is "rough framing" which includes rough electrical, rough plumbing, and HVAC. Our frame is done, but the sub-contractors have to make cuts in it to run wire and pipes and things. So they don't inspect the frame until after it's be cut/messed up, and they let us know what has to be fixed.

The inspector was already there with me to tell me which siding to remove, so he walked through the house to do a somewhat informal frame inspection. He only found 2 small things that need to be changed. Other than that, he said it was a really great job(we already knew that). So I, and Mike, feel pretty confident that there WON'T be a problem with the house wrap. David knows what he is doing.

So that's what's going on now. It's so exciting to be in our house and be surrounded by people who are actually working on it!! I've walked around in there countless times when it's totally empty and quiet. A house under construction shouldn't be left quiet too long. The stagnation is OVER!

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  1. So many things occur when you start a house construction project. Some are expected and some are not. Without trusted workers around, it's going to be really hard for the homeowners. Glad that the house building came along well here. How's this house now after years?

    Samantha Weekes @Superior Building



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