Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Bedroom- New Paint

I stayed with my parents the week of my mom's spring break. Our objective was to paint my old bedroom. It had been 6 years since it's last redo and it was over due for a change.

I don't have a true "before" photo. This photo is from 6 years ago, right after we finished that paint job. A lot has changed since then. Mainly, the Pottery Barn quilt has been flipped over to the other side to bring out more red. Red- to go with the red area rug that now lays in the middle of the newly refinished hardwood floor(no more wall-to-wall teal carpet). The melon walls needed to go.

And the after:
(Notice the HUGE difference in lens size. The before was 4 cameras ago and my DSLR fits so much more in the frame. I'm standing in the same spot in both pictures.)

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