Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sherwin Williams Sale

I love Sherwin Williams. They may not be the cheapest paint around, but I don't want the cheapest paint around. Cheap paint means more work and more headaches. I used to use Benjamin Moore exclusively until I got Sherwin Williams primer and paint to cover our dated wood paneling. It covered in one coat.

Did you hear that?

It covered in ONE coat!!

Amazing! Sold!

I've been a total convert since then. But I still use Ben Moore's color swatches. They just have a lot more going for them. More richness, more interest. And it's not a problem to have the color matched.

I'm on the Sherwin Williams mailing list, so I get emails and postcards when they have seasonal or holiday sales. Usually 30% off all paint. But this time it was 40% off all paint, primer, and stain. And 30% off paint supplies.

We're going to be needing paint in about a month or two, and I know there won't be another sale between now and then. It's usually quarterly. So I went to buy it now. I didn't have measurements of the wall and ceiling square footage, so the paint guy helped me estimate based on floor square footage. Then I call our construction manager to run it by him.

Our house/apartment is 800-900 sq ft. The paint quantity estimate was a lot more than I had thought. Since I can't decide on the color yet, the paint guy suggested that I wait and have them tinted when I'm ready to use them(since it would be good to bring them back to get shaken again anyway). The price is for the paint itself. They tint for free. I've had to take paint back to get re-tinted before. And since I know I'll be going with a VERY light shade to keep things opened and airy, it was safe to get white as the base.

Here's what I left with:
12 gallons of drywall primer = reg. price $20.99/gal, sale price $12.59
12 gallons of No VOC paint flat = reg. price $40.99/gal, sale price $24.59
1 gallon No VOC paint semi-gloss for trim = reg. price $45.99, sale price $27.59
2 gallons deck stain(also untinted) = reg. price $38.99, sale price $23.39
12 roller covers(in contractor pack) = reg. price $40, sale price $28
1 roller extender = reg. price $21, sale price $14.70
1 5 gal paint bucket = reg. price $4, sale price $2.80
2 short handle paint brushes = reg. price each $4.99, sale price $3.50
1 roll frog tape = reg. price $5.99, sale price $3.49

He actually forgot to ring up the frog tape, so he just gave it to me.

Most of those are consumable items. All but the roller extender pole and the paint bucket(yes, paint brushes are consumables. They don't last forever.) We already own a lot of paint supplies.

Grand total with tax: $612.02

Regular price would have been around $1000.

I had been stressing out on what color to get since I can't see it in the room yet. I'm so glad he suggested not tinting them yet. I was going to just go with a tinted white shade and just live with it for 6 months before painting it AGAIN, but this way is much better. Less paint, less money, less work. But knowing me, I'll probably want to paint it again in 6 mo. anyway. Haha.

The only thing I didn't get was exterior paint, because we haven't decided if we'll hired a painter or not, and they might have their own supplier who is cheaper or something. And I have decided on a color yet.

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