Friday, April 8, 2011

Random things from this week...

The button that opens my laptop fell off.
So now I keep it on the side table.
If we lose it, man, are we in trouble.
I try to remember not to close it all the way.

We have pets.
3,000 of them actually.
Living on the other side of the bathtub wall.
They come out to say hello every time there are water droplets sitting around.
I feed them poison.

We also have pets in the kitchen.
Behind the dishwasher(or in the crawl space under it).
Every summer, they remind me how much I hate this house.

We have a big yard.
With big trees.
Lots of branches fell in the wind storm this week.
It took me at least 50 trips around the yard to collect all of them and carry them to the street.
At the end, I had 7 piles.

We got subcontractor quotes on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
They are very high.
We're getting some requoted.

Before all that gets underway,
we still need to get a few things framed in
(the second bedroom wall, garage bathroom, kitchen pantry),
the kitchen window replaced,
and an inspection.

Last Friday, I had my first photography shoot.
The subject: 3 month old Liliana
It went very well! Will be posting soon.
The first of many?

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