Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Windows and Siding

We had a bit of a delay due to weather. Charlotte got a nice covering of snow last Monday. We got 6 inches, covered by sleet, which turned everything to ice. The roofer was supposed to come lay our shingles that Monday, but the northern(back) side of our roof is still covered in ice. So a week an a half later, still no roof.

The complication with that is that it makes the framer's job of hanging siding more difficult. The roof is supposed to be done before the siding, but he couldn't wait for the ice to melt, so our framer continued on with his crew hanging siding and windows. Our siding is hardiplank(the most common siding) which comes pre-primed in a light gray. We'll have to paint it so that it's completely protected against weather.

We ordered 32 in. wide window everywhere except the kitchen window(which is 36in wide). They sure do seem much smaller once installed. It's amazing how much space is eaten up by the window casing. I kinda wish we had gone with 36in wide windows everywhere. Too late now.

This is one reason why we wanted to do a "practice house" before building our permanent one. It still looks good and I'm sure it will be fine. Right now, it feels dark inside. But once we have a light color paint on the walls, it will be much brighter than the medium brown that it is now.


  1. Wow that is awesome! You guys rock! I would be so overwhelmed doing this!

  2. Well, I ain't gunna lie, it IS overwhelming. The financial part for the most part since we are hiring so many subcontractors to finish it. We haven't yet gotten to the part where I have to pick out a bunch of stuff and decide where it goes. And to think, we're going to do this all over again in a few more years!



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