Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kitchen Layout and New(to us) Fridge

Matt and I worked on the kitchen layout today. It's kind of like a puzzle since we already have our cabinets and we have to make it fit in the space. Click to enlarge.

We started with the sink since it has to be centered on the window(although David said it would be really simple to move the window over a few inches, Matt doesn't want it to be off center with the roof line). To fit the 33 in cabinet to the left of the sink, we have to put the sink in a 36 in cabinet and remove the drawer from it. We have a 42 in cabinet with false drawer front made for a sink, but then there is no room to put a cabinet without shifting the sink over.

We really wanted to have the U shape to give extra counter space and storage, so the range and fridge won't both fit on that wall without being butted up next to each other like they are in our current kitchen(which we hate). I'm not sure that I love the location of the fridge. It looks good there, but it's a little far from the counter. The bar/counter only sticks out 4 ft, so it won't be too overwhelming in the space I think. There is still room to put open shelving above the dishwasher(next to fridge), although the picture is deceiving. If you have any advise, let us know!

Oh, and one exciting thing is that we bought a fridge today! Matt was browsing Craigslist, as usual, and saw a couple selling all of their kitchen appliances. They were all stainless steel, but different brands. By the time he emailed them about it, all but the fridge were gone. That was kinda disappointing because the range had the front controls which are usually on the higher end stoves. They might be less kid friendly, but I don't like reaching over the splatter or steam to turn down a boiling pot.

So, this morning we drove 45 min to their house. This was after Matt drove to his parents house to get the white truck with the hydraulic lift gate. We get there, but no one was home. Matt calls and there's no answer. After sitting in the truck for about 15 min trying to decide just how long we would wait, finally she calls back and says shes leaving work to come meet us and would be there in 2 min. 15 min later, she shows up. The house is cold and empty because they are getting a divorce and moving. All the appliances were pretty new and expensive, but they were very motivated sellers. They were asking $500 for the fridge that retails for at least $1500. We offered $400. They countered with $450. We countered with $440. Deal. It looks about like the photo below(except that one is LG).

Getting it out of the house was another story. It wouldn't fit through the door. Matt had to take the fridge doors off and disconnect a water hose. And there was a big drop off at the door so we had to make a make-ramp with boards that happened to be laying around. Of course this is all with a hand truck and a tool box. Seriously, who goes to pick up an installed appliance without tools? Two other people the day before, that's who! They expected the home owner to provide the tools, but she'd already moved out. The went and bought a wrench and asked her to deduct the $20 tool off the price of the appliance. Yeah, right.

Anyway, that's our fridge. Now that we have a stainless steel one, I guess the other appliances have to be stainless. Oh DARN! Yes, they are expensive, but we'll keep our eyes out on Craigslist. Our goal is to get all 4 of our appliances for $1000. That's fridge, range, dishwasher, above range microwave. Not sure if that will happen.


  1. how exciting!

    could you switch the range and the sink? i mean would that help with the drawer/cabinet issue? you wouldn't be washing dishes while looking out the window, but you could be cooking while looking out it. dunno, just a thought. who even knows if it's feasible.

  2. Well, what I didn't show was the upper cabinets. We'll have an above the range microwave with the stove vent, so it can't go under the window. We have more cabinets than we need, so I don't think losing one will be a big problem. We can use the sink cabinet in the garage or something. I need to write a post about how cheap we got the cabinets for 2 years ago! Thanks for commenting! I read your blog all the time too. Tess is so cute!

  3. Oh, $1000 is possible. We are outfitting our downstairs apartment kitchen and laundry room. So far I've gotten a $50 dryer, a $50 oven/range,and a free microwave. They aren't stainless steel...but if anyone is getting stainless steel, it's going to be me in our next home, and not my renters. ;) That's why I NEED to leave our current washer and dryer for the upstairs apartment. (Then I can get the larger capacity washer I've been wanting so I can wash my king size blanket in my own home!) Just a few more years...
    Good luck with the Clist hunt. It's seriously like hunting wild have to stalk for hours, then you find the prey, make the call and hope you are the one that gets it first. You are a great Clister, so I know you can do it for $1000.



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