Monday, December 27, 2010

First virtual house tour

Welcome to your first virtual home tour! As I post these pictures, I have yet to have had anything other than a virtual tour myself. Matt took this last series of pictures and I haven't made it back over there to see it myself yet. The interior wall studs are up and so is the deck and the full stair case.

If you missed it, here is the updated floorplan, near the bottom of the post, if you need to look at it to get oriented.

We'll start in the living room. Matt didn't take a picture of the back wall(where the kitchen will be), but only the front wall. This is the big picture window in the living room facing out to our front yard and driveway. The wall to the right is the bathroom wall. I was going to put the computer desk there, but now I'm thinking the love seat should go there and having the couch face the window.

The ceiling trusses are in, which makes our ceilings 12ft high. I really didn't want to have those, but the engineer said we had to...something about the house falling down.

No picture of the hallway, but here we are standing in the master bedroom facing the 2nd bedroom dormer window. Right now there is no wall dividing them. We are planning on having a double pocket door, so that when we're not using it, we can keep the doors opened and get more sunlight in the master bedroom.

The next picture is from standing in the master and facing the bedroom door. To the left of the door, that will be the washer/dryer closet accessible from the hallway. To the right of the door is the bathroom. You can kinda see another door frame in the far left of this picture. That is the master walk-in closet. Above all of that will be attic space.

Here is another view of our closet. That big hump is the head space for the stairs. Normally, we would lose the space all the way up to the ceiling, but we had David put a cap on it, so we could use it as a shelf and get added storage space.

Another view of the bathroom from standing in the living room.

This is the space behind the back bathroom wall. It will be lost space because there is not enough head room for it to be included in the bathroom. The space goes from the living room, behind the bathroom, and stops at the 2nd bedroom. We want to add some kind of door on either end and maybe make this a coat closet on one side, and a bedroom closet on the other.

And on the outside...

...we have a finished deck and stairs! We plan on filling dirt in front of the deck so that it's on ground level, just like the garage/driveway. You'll be able to get on the deck from the door on the side of the garage or just walk right on from anywhere on the front.

There are still more details the framer is working on today and tomorrow(all these little things we keep changing and adding). Then the windows will go in. Check back for more updates!


  1. Wonderful, AlliJ!!! Congrats to you and Matt, you are going to love those 12 ft. Ceilings!! Have fun, can't wait to visit and see it in person! -Christine & Matt

  2. Very cool! The house looks so well built! I'm super impressed with the quick progress :)
    Austin and Mariah



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