Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

October 28, 2009

Sunny days all week gave us just enough time to dig out the footings, but not enough time to put in the dams, grading stakes, and get it inspected. We knew it was going to rain and we knew there wasn't much we could do about it.

So, after the rain, we came to assess the damage and dig out the mud. It wasn't so bad although it did take us all day to clean it out.

Hopefully the inspector will come in the morning. While Matt was working at the shop, I went to the land to get a head start on scooping out the water. It was some back breaking work. I was there for 4 hours before Matt arrived to help.

The water level was up to where my hand is when I got there. That's about 12 inches of water to scoop out with the 5 gal bucket(I can only scoop 2.5 gal at a time though).

Once the bucket has done it's job, there are still little puddles of mud all around that have to be removed as well. That's where the shovel comes in. You've got to hop down in there and get dirty.

I could feel my shoes getting heavier and heavier, but no point in cleaning them yet. This picture is actually right after I scraped the over hanging globs off, so I could walk a little better. No picture of the before.

Now I haven't seen a many of footings in my day, but those are some downright purdy footings if you ask me. Clean and relatively dry and ready to pass inspection.

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