Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So this is how they get the water out!!

November 3, 2009

This is how they drill wells. It was very interesting. I still don't completely understand how wells works. So primitive, yet it's come so far.

Gotta say, we were VERY anxious about this because they can't give you an estimate because they JUST DON'T KNOW how deep it will go. We knew minimum would be 200ft, but it could be as much as 600ft or more. Our neighbors on either side have wells that are almost 500 feet deep. They just keep drilling until they hit water. They way it's priced is, you pay a minimum for the first 200 ft plus the well pump and materials. Then, it's $10 for each additional foot. That adds up FAST. So the price range was about $3000-$8000. We were just praying our well would be less than 400 ft.

This is the drill bit in the ground. That white stuff if "drilling mud", some kind of foam to keep the bit from getting to hot and to clean the debris from the hole. There was so much of it, it formed a river down the hill about 150 feet. That visual helps me grasp just how deep they are drilling.

Don't fall in the river of foam, Matt!

This is the PVC casing that protects the top 150 ft or so of well from caving in.....or something.

That's WATER BABY!!!! We felt like we struck GOLD! Or maybe they stopped taking gold from our pockets. We have a 345 ft well. With a flow of 10 gallons/min. Ideal flow is 2 to 12 gal/min. Looks like we're good on that one.

There she is! Pump is inside the PVC. All we need to do now is wire it to the power so the pump works. I was not about to pay $150 for a ugly fake rock. We'll have to think of something better.
Wishing well perhaps?

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