Monday, May 17, 2010


We lost power last night during a rain storm. I guess a tree fell or something because it wasn't a big storm. It was nearly bedtime, so it didn't inconvenience us too much. Actually, I was quite excited because you know what a power outage means: Whip out them candles!

When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago, she brought me a gift from her favorite antique/junk store. It was these hurricane candle sticks:

What's so exciting about these candle sticks? Well, you can walk around with them without holding a hand behind them to shield them from the wind. And they have a convenient handle! For the most part, they sit on a table and occationally get lit. But last night, we got to use them in their full glory! Fun!!

Praise the Lord that the power outage didn't happen the night before when I was home alone! I don't think I could have gone to sleep!

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