Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodwill Side Table

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this side table at my Goodwill. The finish was in poor condition, but I loved the pedestal center leg. That's the key when shopping for furniture that you plan on painting and updating. Look for good lines or some kind of charming detail. In this case, I liked the curves.

The best part was this(click to enlarge)...

Yeah, that's the price. It says $4.99

How could I say no?

I don't have a place to put it, and it might be too short for the rest of my furniture, but I could always sell it, like I did with this antique vanity bench, and this bedside table.

I wasn't sure what color to do, but I was getting a bit tired of painting things antique white. I've been seeing quite a bit of light blue furniture, and I found out that Lowes sells little sample cans of paint in ANY color for $2.99. That's a great deal when you only have a little project. The bummer part is that it only comes in Satin. For furniture, I always use Semi-gloss paint, but satin is just enough sheen to work. Especially if you plan on distressing it, you don't really want very shiny furniture. If I end up selling it, it's ready to go. If I end up keeping it, there's no guarantee it will stay this color, since I don't know what my colors will end up being when we move to our new place. But, I'm always looking for an excuse to paint something!!

Here is the finished product:

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