Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We tithe and yes, it works

We've been going to our church, Forest Pointe, since November 2008. In December 2008, Matt lost his job. Each week, when the offering basket came around, we passed it on without adding to it because we felt like we couldn't afford to make donations. Donations to anyone.

Matt was working at his shop, trying to make his new business work and bring in enough to pay the bills. But, it just wasn't bringing in enough work to keep him busy. He spent most of his time doing personal work to his own Jeep. Or cleaning and organizing the shop so it functions better for when he DOES get work.

A few months ago, we watched a video at church of Dave Ramsey, author and radio talk show host of The Dave Ramsey Show. He gave a talk about what it means to tithe and to be a steward of God's money. Dave is a conservative spender who does not use credit cards and teaches others how to get out of debt and how to budget and save money with a common sense approach. There are people who make $150,000 a year and are in deep debt and there are people who make $45,000 a year who have a huge savings account and are debt free. It's not about how much money you make. It's about what you do with the money you have.

The word "tithe" literally means "tenth". That is the guideline the old testament gives us as to how much we tithe each month, although, a tenth is not a requirement in the new testament. The concept of being a steward is that this is not your money. It's God's money. You are his steward, or accountant. God gives you the ability and the opportunity to work and provide for you family. In turn, you give some back to Him... happily. If you can't do it happily, then you aren't doing it with the right heart and He does not want that money. Donating should feel good!

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. -2 Corinthians 9:7

Our pastor speaks about this frequently. He actually has a money back guarantee(have you ever heard of that?). He challenges all who are not tithing, to start doing it and watch the way God starts working in your life. And if you don't see any difference, he will actually give you your money back. No one has needed their money back.

We started tithing right after this, which was about 3 months ago. About that same time, Matt had an interview at a company called Siemens. It was an amazing company to work for. We prayed a lot. Not for him to get this job specifically, but for a job to come along that would bless us financially and relieve some stress. Whether it is this job or not, is out of our control. Matt applied for this job because he wasn't sure if his offroad shop was what he was supposed to be doing. Then we waited. Then the jeep work started rolling in. And hasn't stopped yet.

He didn't get that job, but we got our answer. He's been working 10 hr days since then and meets people everywhere that want him to do some work for them(and lots of repeat customers. I guess he does good work!). Not only that, but a guy in our small group from church(actually from our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class), asked Matt if he would be interested in some temp work at the place he works. It's I.T. stuff where he changes their computers from an old system to a new system(definitely not what he wants to do long term). He said it would be a 30-60 day project, and now possibly 6 months. And since it's hourly contract work, it pays pretty well. And he has some flexibility with hours, so he can still work in his shop in the evenings, or just take a day off. So, yeah, God is blessing us right now. We aren't asking for our money back, because without Him, we wouldn't have the money to begin with.

Here's a good quote(and Dave Ramsey's philosophy):

"Make all you can,
save all you can,
give all you can."
-John Wesley

Even if you are not a Christian. Find a charity and give to them. It doesn't have to be 10%. But pick a percent and stick to it. Do more than just a donation or two each year around Christmas or a natural disaster(well, do that too), but commit yourself to giving back to someone, each month. By the way, church offerings don't just go to pay the pastor's salary(they don't make that much). Much of that money goes out into the community to help those in need.

Money is not evil. Money is inanimate. Just like a brick, which can be thrown and used to destroy, or used to build a school or home. It's what you do with it that makes it good or evil.

"For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil." - 1 Timothy 6:10


  1. i LOVE this blog and totally agree! do you mind if i link to it?

  2. Aww thanks. I've had a few others say they appreciate this post too. Go right ahead.

  3. Allison - I worked with Matt and new his heart for God and how much he loves you.

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside your life.. Go check out my blog -- Matt may be happy to see how GOD has moved.

    Thanks again Allison.



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